Create a Putlocker website on WordPress at no cost.

WordPress blogs and websites are widely used for a variety of purposes. Mostly as personal diaries and professional profiles for a small businesses. While these types of sites are very popular, many wordpress site owners have started to create video platforms. Emerging as youtube clones for music and netflix clones for movies. Many PHP scripts can be found on the web to help create such sites and be easy installed on to your blog to fully transform it. In this article we will show you what we found on the web and help transform your website into a video platform like Netflix, Putlocker and Youtube.

(You may be required to have a more than basic understanding of wordpress than other simpler projects)

First: Install WordPress onto your VPS, Shared hosting or Dedicated server.

You can connect the server to your domain. Understand that any server will work until a certain number of users on the websites. Due to the fact that these types of sites experience a higher number of users, you may need to change the server at another time.

Second: Install a Theme that supports a video player.

When picking your template for wordpress video platform website, you should always be looking for a theme that supports a video player. You can add more custom fields with the custom fields plugin if needed. Some themes that support video player are, VideoZoom, VideoZ and for Paid options you can find Dooplay and Novavideo.

Third: Decide on the type of video content you want to add.

When you at this step you have to pick which type of video platform you wish to create. If you want a Netflix or Putlocker Clone then that is something with trailers and tv shows along with free public movies. If you want to create a youtube clone than that is a site with a bunch of videos uploaded by users or you specifically. What you choose here can vary alot in terms of difficulty. Try to start with something simple at first and keep creating something better once you have established a great basic video platform.

When Creating a Netflix / 123Movies or Putlocker Clone: 

You will need to do alot of manual work in terms of adding embeds and information. Their are paid resources available that include Scrappers and PHP scripts to help create such sites but this article is all about doing it for free at no cost. While searching on the web we found a site called that provides embeds for movies and tv shows. They also provide embeds for anime. If you are a experienced developer or someone with basic PHP skills, than the site also provides api access as well.  You can also access a free public library for licensed movies on webarchive. They are old movies but great to start and test your website with the videos they provide for free.

If your choosing to create a youtube clone and a video platform that has random videos like vimeo. You should look for options like a wordpress youtube plugin such as: Import YouTube videos as WP Posts. This plugin should help you get started.

We hope that this article helps.


Author: WP Quick Install