Hey everyone, just a quick mention here that this is currently unmaintained and by reports I’m seeing, completely broken (which would make sense given the changes to WordPress since it was written).

I’d suggest you either use SVN for fast installs, use A decent host which supplies a automatic installer, or just do it the old fashioned way.

Dion (@dd32)

Sorry for the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates recently to QI, I’ve been busy with other projects such as WordPress 3.0.

This post is here to announce a new version of QI is being released with 3.0 compatibility. 0.6 will be released within the next few days. There are not many new additional features, Other than a much more reliable API server and 3.0 support.

If you would like to test it, The latest nightly supports installation of WP 3.0 RC3.

New Website Theme

Thanks to Ryan McCue (rmccue), WordPress QI has finally received a face lift.

Hopefully this will be enough to inspire a new release in the coming fortnight, but by all means, please try the nightly releases 🙂